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HOT plan a brite solution Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NATION-WIDE recovered materials specialist All Brite Industries has two new trucks to transport household recyclable material at its Pukekohe branch.

All Brite consulting engineer Dick Brougham from the Hawkes Bay says the truck bodies have been redesigned to meet All Brite’s changing requirements, and a proven NZH product, the Hydrocar hotshift PTO, has provided an elegant solution to a challenging operational situation.

Dick explains that the two Hino 2-axle trucks each has a collection bin on the left side of the body. An operator deposits recycables into the bin, which is then hydraulically elevated to eject its contents onto a sorting tray inside the truck body. The driver of the truck then continues forward to the next house, a short distance in a normal city street, lowers the bin and repeats the process.

Usually when a truck has an automatic transmission, the driver has to disengage the PTO manually each time the truck drives on to the next collection point, or end up with an overheating hydraulic system.

With the hotshift PTOs now fitted to the Hinos’s New World Allison automatic 4-shift transmission, the PTO provides on-demand power and automatically disengages when the truck reaches 1,800 revs per minute, about double the engine’s idling speed. “This means the operator has full-time power available on demand to operate the hydraulic gear, a significant advantage in this situation,” Brougham says.

When he designed the truck, Brougham says he left all the hydraulic design specs to NZH. “NZH staff did the calculations on flow and working pressure and supplied and fitted the PTO, pump, hydraulic control valve system and Harsh tipping gear. They also designed the inbuilt safety components for the operator and the machine itself,” he says.

NZH operations manager Stan Kelly says NZH used the hotshift PTO rather than an expensive live-drive system. The hotshift PTO was originally developed for manual transmission applications, to save the driver having to depress the clutch to engage the PTO. The PTO fitted to this system provides on-demand hydraulic drive from the automatic transmission system. “The result of this unique use of the Hydrocar hotshift was pleasing. The on-demand system reduces the volume of oil required and prevents overheating of the hydraulic system, issues that need to be considered when operating a live-drive system,” he says.

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