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Preventing tippers from tipping over Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If you have tip trucks working on uneven ground such as quarries or refuse disposal sites, you need to guard against the vehicle falling over during tipping.

The most effective way to combat this very real danger is to fit a HARSH stabilised underfloor tipping system, acknowledged around the world as the industry leader.

NZH is supplying this system for an increasing number of tip trucks in New Zealand, as operators seek to meet their obligations under OSH and improve safety for their drivers and rigs.

The HARSH-patented Rigid Lift design integrates a stabiliser and lifting rams into a single mechanical unit.

Each part performs its own function in isolation. The stabiliser locks the body squarely in line with the truck chassis, eliminating lateral loading forces. The hydraulic rams concentrate on providing vertical lift.

The result is impressive.

A tipper truck loaded to its maximum GVW was tested by HARSH in Britain on a leaning platform. It remained fully in contact with the surface even when tilted to 9 degrees.

Compare this test to the working code of practice that has been introduced by the UK tipping industry for vehicles operating on unmade ground, and you'll see just how far ahead the HARSH system is.

The minimum standard in the code is Category B, which requires that a tipper at maximum GVW should be able to withstand its body tipped to 5 degrees. To meet the Category A standard, tippers working on unmade ground must be capable of withstanding a 7 degree slope.

In the HARSH test, the Rigid Lift-equipped tipper not only met both standards, but also surpassed them by at least 30%, a performance unmatched in the industry.

Further analysis of that test shows that the 9 degrees of surface tilt produced the further figures of 14 degrees of chassis lean and 17 degrees of body lean.

Even at these extreme angles of tilt it is significant that the HARSH hoist did not allow the fully laden body to get more than 3 degrees out of line from the truck's chassis. Compared to a tipper fitted with a front end ram, the HARSH Rigid Lift system provides double the stability.

Other benefits include the ability to provide improved loads and greater body versatility, by reducing the gap to the cab to a minimum. Being underfloor and within the chassis, it's easier to balance the weight over the axles. It is among the lightest tipper hoists on the market.

Speed of operation is a real bonus of the HARSH Rigid Lift system, and it also has a reputation for long-life reliability.

HARSH underfloor hoists can be fitted to most vehicles for tipping operations, including light trucks, 2-axle rigids, 6x4s, 8-wheelers, trailers and special applications.

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