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Many uses for Inframax slide deck tipper Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When Inframax Construction decided to add to the road maintenance fleet at its Te Kuiti depot, it just had to feature some NZH products.


That's because Rotorua-based Active Engineering Solutions, which manufactures specialist roading construction equipment and service vehicles for companies like Inframax, usually uses NZH equipment to power the hydraulics.

The first slide deck tipper built for Inframax by Active Engineering Solutions has been operating very successfully since going on the road to work alongside two Active road broom trucks. It's been joined by a second slide-deck tipper, built to identical specifications on an Isuzu F-series platform.

Designed to maximise the versatility of the truck, the deck features a modified HARSH G70 hoist to raise and lower a subframe, which is fitted with a 3-metre stroke hydraulic ram to slide the deck backwards and forwards. The deck is also fitted with a 100,000lb hydraulic winch mounted onto the strengthened headboard for loading vehicles. Hydraulics are powered by a Hydrocar Air Shift PTO coupled to a 45cc gear pump.

In addition to transporting smaller vehicles to sites around the King Country, the Inframax Construction truck is used to cart roading material. In typical Kiwi fashion the operators have found many more uses for the versatile slide deck tipper trucks.

One of these is using the rear edge of the deck as a leveling bar for spreading roading material after tipping.

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